Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Field Mouse: The Fooder


Field Mouse: The Fooder

A.   E. Lawrence

Charles Willoughby’s youth was an ordeal of beatings by his God-fearing father and seductions by his grossly obese mother.  A warped and cruel man, he marries a woman who is willing to submit to his jaded sexual demands.  However, when she bears a child not of his loin, he holds her and the child captive on his isolated farm and severs all ties with the nearby town.  Then when his wife is killed, he is left with the girl.  Although his religious beliefs preclude him from killing her, he doesn’t feel obligated to treat her humanely.
     The girl, Taffeta Moonrose, is treated like a dog under Charles’ care.  But one day, she finds herself free when Charles has a heart attack.  Now, weak with hunger and on her own, she ventures forth into an unknown, hostile world in a desperate search for food.  After stealing from the towns people all summer, she becomes known as the wild girl of Ashville.
     When Matt and Toby Claybourne arrive at a nearby cabin on vacation, they learn of the “wild girl” and become determined to find and adopt her.  When they finally do find her, their relationship with her becomes one that will change each of their lives in ways unforeseen.
     This is a story that will grab your attention right from the prologue and won’t let you go until you’ve finished the very last page.  It will take you on a rocket ride of emotions that will allow you to hate, entice you to love, tease you with hope, and leave you crying with a smile on your lips.
     What Charles Willoughby does to his wife and her bastard child begins you on a journey filled with fear and humor, suffering and joy, sorrow and redemption.

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copyright 2016 A. E. Lawrence