Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Angry Spirit of Never Moore

The Angry Spirit of Never Moore


A.   E. Lawrence

Phillip Everette Moore is a wealthy man who loses his wife and two daughters in a tragic accident in 1846.  He becomes a recluse and loses his will to live.  However, he leaves his entire estate, including his mansion, Ever Moore, to a compassionate psychiatrist who operates a small insane asylum.  Dr. Dinston turns Ever Moore into a state-of-the-art asylum that treats its inmates humanely. 
As time passes, new administrators operate Ever Moore according to Dr. Dinston’s tenets.  However, when Dr. Willison takes the reins, the quality of care deteriorates drastically when he begins misappropriating the operating funds.  And the new staff he hires are nothing more than sadistic thugs who enjoy beating the inmates.  Eventually, the asylum becomes known as Never Moore by the despairing inmates.  And when the collective anguish of the inmates radiates out through the walls into the night, the spirit of Phillip Moore rises from his grave to exact retribution on those who would desecrate his beloved Ever Moor.
Marly Manchester is a fifteen-year-old girl who has been brought to Ever Moore by her uncle, Dr. Willison, after her family is killed in an accident.  The doctor wants to dispose of the girl and gain control of her sizable inheritance.  His plans are working until Marly commits a murder so bizarre that Inspector Markus Mackenzie can’t bring himself to bring charges against her.  And to complicate his investigation, several more inexplicable killings take place in at the asylum in a matter of days.
      Markus and his wife, Stella, become enmeshed in a struggle to solve the mysterious murders while trying to find a way to absolve Marly of murder.  But they have no way of knowing that they are dealing with the angry spirit of Never Moore. 

copyright 2016 A. E. Lawrence

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